MJ-SOCIAL started as a personal WordPress project. In September 2020. During quarantine lockdowns in Chicago.

A huge blog with an integrated messaging interface was the primary idea. While setting up the site, I was reading about an Open source integration engine,

which brings the possibility of way more features and transformed it into a complete interactive journal.

The site allows similar Social Network features as all main sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) with way less hardware and some fewer frameworks (Single man struggle vs a huge team of programmers).

That does not mean that the interface it's not great, for the actual resources and work, the interface provides a smooth touch.

By November 2020, with some limited hardware and running through a Raspbian OS, the initial core of the site was ready for deployment.

With my current knowledge as a system engineer, it was simple to configure a database and servers for the engine.

Some additional programming language skills (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Python) to interact and customize the open-source code that powers what  MJ Social is right now.

December 2020,  acquired mj-social.com as a domain replacing the test site mj-social.ddns.net and released build 5.6 on the internet for public access.

Each build, it's a result of attempts or code glitches, as not an expert in PHP some of the custom functions were not working properly,

and took me a while to figure it out, especially the Video compression for mobile devices.

By the end of December, figure out that the current Raspbian OS and hardware will not allow a more scalable and stable version of Apache and PHP server to be installed and decided to

power off and move the site to a more reliable server.

By mid-January 2020, after working on setting up a new server in the cloud, migrated the source code into a Google server with a higher firmware of Apache and versions of PHP server.

Along with the integration of other features and updates, this is so far the best stable version created in just 4 months.

The last part was the integration of a  service worker,  which allows the site to be converted into a Progressive Web App (PWA),

for Windows and Mac, the PWA will be deployed as an application,

similar to the ones from Windows Store, for mobile phones (Android, iOS), the PWA will be similar to a bookmark which will look and react the same as a typical mobile app.

Source code license remains under https://www.softlab24.com/ but all customizations in the code, deployments, and any future expansion are own by MJ-SOCIAL.


Build 6.1:

-Video compression fixed for mobile devices

-Group Chat enabled

-Google meet upgraded from hangouts (Available for PC versions only)

-Integrated Service Worker which allows Progressive Web App to the site.

-Upload up to 10 photos.

-Videos up to 256 MB supported.

-Spanish & Chinese languages supported with a language selector feature that allows the switch of the language anytime


Conditions & Access:

MJ-SOCIAL will NOT allow users less than 18 years old to use the site.

You can use a Facebook, Twitter valid account to register into MJ-SOCIAL. 

The request will be read-only which will not intend to post anything into these social media accounts. 




Joshua C.